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The primary objective of this platform is to showcase detailed property information to visitors, highlighting amenities and enabling seamless communication to enhance their stay experience. The platform utilizes a modular approach with sections and blocks, treating them as building blocks that empower users to fully customize property pages according to their preferences and needs. The platform offers a substantial cost reduction for our client, transitioning from property based costs to a simplified, flat-rate pricing model annually.

Application Details

Portfolio Module The portfolio attached to each property displays fundamental information about the property. This module is showcased on the homepage from the user’s perspective.

Blocks Module Each block, specifically designed to outline property amenities, is assigned a unique identifier, enabling simultaneous linkage to multiple sections and properties. Integration of maps further enhances user experience by facilitating streamlined transportation to and from the properties.

Sections Module A section module has been created to oversee various blocks associated with property management. These sections are interconnected with each property, allowing users to navigate through them to access detailed property information on the user side.

Property Module Within the Property Module, a unique URL is generated for each property. Upon property creation, the Arrival and Departure sections are automatically populated with their respective blocks. Users have the flexibility to link different sections and blocks according to their customization requirements.

Admin Module To ensure efficient operation, administrative roles are categorized into Managerial and Employee levels, each with distinct access privileges.

Key Technical Implementations

Given the complexity and scope of the dashboard, it required several technical implementations during development:

Node.js and Express.js Utilized for backend development, these technologies facilitate the creation of a robust server-side architecture to handle data processing, API requests, and business logic implementation.

Data Modeling and Schema Design Designing an effective data model and schema to represent various property details, sections, blocks, and their relationships within MongoDB required effective considerations. It was crucial to ensure that the schema accommodates future scalability needs while maintaining data integrity.

Map Integration The mapping API, such as Google Maps, was seamlessly integrated while ensuring accurate geocoding and effective display of property locations. Handling large datasets and optimizing map rendering performance was additional considerations.

Frontend Performance Optimization Developing a responsive user interface (UI) using a frontend framework like Next.js, Redux Toolkit, and JavaScript demanded careful implementations. Key considerations included optimizing UI rendering, minimizing network requests, and efficiently managing state.

Solution Efficacy

The proposed solution improved property showcasing with an intuitively designed dashboard system. Through structured organization of property information, seamless real-time updates, and integrated mapping features, we greatly improve efficiency and elevate overall property access.

Additionally, the system features an optimized frontend and implements hierarchical administrative roles, contributing to effective operations and ensuring comprehensive management across all levels within the organization.


In summary, our platform effectively showcases property amenities and related information, ensuring easy access and navigation for users. By streamlining the organization and properties creation based on building blocks, facilitating easy registration, and providing intuitive navigation, we have significantly improved efficiency and elevated overall property.

We have successfully met the client’s needs and reduced their operational costs by over 95%, enabling them to expand their business with more properties without worrying about additional expenses. This has resulted in high levels of client satisfaction.

Tools & Technologies

  • React
  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • MongoDB
  • NextJS
  • Stripe
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