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Terms and Condition

The following document outlines the Terms and Conditions for accessing and using the resources on Desol Int. website. 

We assume that upon accessing this website, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. We would very much appreciate it if you read this entire document to understand our terms and conditions. 

The Terms and Conditions mentioned in this document apply to the preceding document, the Privacy Statement, Disclaimer Notice, and all other Agreements.  


Desol Int. employs the use of cookies on its website. When accessing Desol Int. , it is expected that you agree with the Privacy Policy on the basis of these cookies. 

For Desol Int. , cookies are used to improve the user-experience by storing a user’s detail in the event of another visit. This enables the user to “start where they left off”, so to speak, with respect to their access on Desol Int. . 


Unless duly mentioned, Desol Int. reserves intellectual property rights for all their products, content, and miscellaneous material on its website. These rights are reserved, and you’re expected to use Desol Int. website resources based on these terms and conditions. 

To outline some of the restrictions: 

  • You’re not allowed to republish material from Desol Int.
  • Sell, rent or sub-license Desol Int. products
  • Sell copies and duplicated material on Desol Int.

Log Files

Desol Int. utilizes IP addresses for trend analysis, site administrations, user behavior, and track other information that helps us make the user-experience better. Note that these addresses aren’t linked to information that can personally identify an individual user. 

For further administration purposes, our servers detect usage patterns: browser types, access types, URL requests, and URL accessed through referral. The information collected is not shared with any third party unless on a need-to-know basis. Unless otherwise stated, this information will not be shared with any external party without your due consent. 

Links to this website

Without our proper consent, you cannot create a link to any page of our website. If you decide to do so, you do so at your own risk. Any risks and limitations you incur will be applied to your site in the event of a link. 

Links from this website

Unless it’s our own backlinks, we don’t review or monitor external links pointing to our website. The content and imagery expressed in those websites are beyond our control and unless in accordance with our niche, we won’t share the opinion. To maintain safety and transparency at all steps, Desol Int. encourages its users to stay vigilant and ready our terms and conditions in order to get an understanding of our policies. 

While links pointing to our site, unless our own, are beyond our control, it also doesn’t mean that any user-information is stored on our website to those websites. No personal information is released to them. In the event of disclosed information, Desol Int. isn’t liable to reparations on any damages caused by such a breach. 

Copyright Notice

All the text published on Desol Int. .co is the intellectual property of Desol Int. and cannot be copied, republished, or reshaped in any shape or form. 

Force Majeure

In the event of an act of god, political unrest, terrorism, riot, and civil disturbance, military takeover, or any other indefinite situation, both parties are free from any liability or obligation. Before the termination of the contract, however, each party should inform the other of the situation. 

Notification of Changes

Desol Int. has the right to make changes to the clauses mentioned in this terms and conditions document when they see fit. Continued use of this website will mean you agree to the changes that take place within the website in the future. In the event of a change within the website’s terms and conditions, you will be duly informed through mail or when you land on our website. Any changes to this policy will be mentioned on our website a month before the change has been made. Therefore, you are advised to read this privacy policy on a regular basis. 

Thank you for reading. Hope you have a wonderful time on Desol Int. ! 

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