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Custom Insurance Quotation System

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About: Custom Insurance Quotation System


Medicare Plus Inc., a leading provider of healthcare services to the Filipino people, needed a custom insurance quotation system to help them manage their insurance offerings more efficiently. The company approached our company to develop a solution that would streamline its quotation process and improve the overall customer experience.


To meet the client’s needs, our team decided to build the insurance quotation system using a combination of Gravity Forms and custom quotation algorithms.

Gravity Forms was used to create the quotation form, allowing customers to quickly and easily input their information and receive a quote in real-time. The forms were designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making them easy for customers to understand and complete.

Custom quotation algorithms were developed to calculate the quotes based on the information provided by the customer. These algorithms took into account a variety of factors, such as the customer’s industry, the type of insurance coverage requested, and the level of coverage desired. The algorithms were designed to be highly accurate and provide competitive quotes to the customer. With the use of these algorithms, Medicare Plus Inc. was able to offer tailored solutions to their clients from different industries, and provide them with the best coverage options that fit their needs.

Security was also a key consideration in the development of the system. We implemented measures to ensure that sensitive customer information was protected and kept confidential. This included using encryption techniques to secure the data transmitted between the customer and the system.

The system was designed to be highly available with an emphasis on performance and scalability, this was achieved by using load balancing and caching techniques to ensure that the system could handle a large number of concurrent users and requests.


The final product was a user-friendly and efficient insurance quotation system that met all of the client’s requirements. The system streamlined the quotation process, allowing customers to receive a quote in real-time and made it easier for the client to manage their insurance offerings.

The client was extremely satisfied with the final product and reported an increase in customer satisfaction and sales. The use of custom quotation algorithms ensured that the client was able to offer competitive quotes to their customers, and the use of Gravity Forms made the process simple and easy to use.


This project demonstrates our ability to deliver custom solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. By utilizing a combination of Gravity Forms and custom quotation algorithms, we were able to create a solution that streamlined the quotation process, improved the overall customer experience, and provided tailored solutions to the diverse needs of Medicare Plus Inc’s clients. We are proud of the results and look forward to continuing to work with the client to improve their operations.

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