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We proudly present our latest development: an exciting and unique tool, eBay Marketplace Fee Calculator, meticulously designed to meet client’s specific needs. This innovative tool combines the power of Next.js on the front end with Supabase on the back end, ensuring a seamless and robust user experience. With a fixed navigation bar for effortless navigation, dynamic content adjustments based on user selections, and a responsive design crafted for both desktop and mobile users, this calculator is composed to revolutionize how you manage eBay fees across various marketplaces.

One of the key features is the dynamic adaptation of content based on selected parameters such as seller status, type, and store category. This ensures precise fee calculations tailored to your unique business model. The inclusion of interactive tooltips and increment/decrement arrows guarantees user-friendly interactions, while an adblocker detection system ensures that if an adblocker is detected, the calculator function will be disabled, and a dismissible pop-up message will inform the user about the reliance on ad revenue for hosting costs, with an option to whitelist the website.

Moreover, our system includes features like result displays and ad slot integration for revenue generation. The front end will seamlessly integrate placeholder text for recommended values, providing guidance while keeping everything looking clean and simple.


Complex User Interface Design:

The project required a highly interactive and aesthetically pleasing user interface. Implementing precise design guidelines, embedding images, and ensuring responsiveness across devices presented a significant design challenge.

Integration of Next.js and Supabase:

Integrating Next.js for the front end and Supabase for the back end demanded robust architectural decisions. Efficient data management, state synchronization, and secure communication between the front end and back end were critical considerations.

Dynamic Content Loading:

Implementing a system that allowed for dynamic content loading from external HTML files or Google Forms introduced complexities in data retrieval, caching, and rendering.

Marketplace-Specific Customizations:

Adapting the calculator’s behavior and content based on the selected marketplace introduced a layer of conditional logic and data management to ensure accurate results.

Handling User Inputs and Calculations:

Implementing interactive elements like increment and decrement arrows and toggle switches, and ensuring accurate calculations with real-time feedback required precise event handling and state management.

Ad Integration and Adblocker Handling:

Incorporating ad slots, detecting adblockers, and managing user interactions based on adblocker presence introduced a unique challenge in user experience design.


As a seasoned software development company, we met the multifaceted challenges of this project head-on with a strategic and comprehensive approach. To begin, we prioritized the complex user interface design by adhering to the provided guidelines. This entailed precise placement of elements and embedding of images, all while ensuring flawless responsiveness across an array of devices. The integration of Next.js and Supabase was crucial in making robust architectural decisions to establish a seamless connection between the front end and back end.

Dynamic content loading was another critical aspect we tackled. By creating a dynamic system capable of easily retrieving and rendering external content from HTML files, we ensured an effortless and efficient user experience. To handle the diverse needs of different marketplaces, we developed a dynamic logic engine. This allowed the calculator to adapt its behavior and content based on the selected marketplace, resulting in precise fee calculations according to each unique business model. This required careful consideration of conditional logic and data management.

Handling user inputs and calculations was a meticulous task. We incorporated interactive elements such as increment and decrement arrows, alongside toggle switches, to provide real-time feedback, ensuring accuracy in calculations. Ad integration and ad-blocker handling were approached by creating a user-friendly system that educated users about the importance of ad revenue. Through these strategic solutions, we successfully navigated the challenges and delivered a high-quality, feature-rich web tool.

Client’s Feedback:

We are proud to have created a tool that not only meets the client’s specifications but also exceeds their expectations, providing a valuable asset for their users. This feedback from our client truly validates the dedication and expertise of our team.


In conclusion, the Marketplace Fee Calculator stands as a testament to our team’s dedication to delivering innovative and tailored solutions. By seamlessly combining Next.js on the front end with Supabase on the back end, we have created a powerful tool that redefines how eBay fees are managed across diverse marketplaces. The calculator’s dynamic adaptation of content based on user selections, coupled with user-friendly features like tooltips and interactive elements, ensures an intuitive and efficient experience.

Overcoming challenges such as complex UI design, integration of Next.js and Supabase, dynamic content loading, and marketplace-specific customizations required meticulous planning and strategic decision-making. Our commitment to precision in design and implementation resulted in a seamlessly responsive and aesthetically pleasing interface. Our team’s collective expertise and dedication have culminated in a tool poised to revolutionize how eBay fees are managed across various marketplaces.

We look forward to continuing to provide top-notch services and solutions for all our clients’ future endeavors.


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  • ReactJS
  • ExpressJS
  • Mongoose
  • Send Grid
  • NextJS
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