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Fleet Management and Logistics System

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Product Owner,
Anthony Powell
About: Fleet Management and Logistics System


Our client, an international ambulance dispatch services company, approached us intending to streamline their operations and improve the overall effectiveness of their services. They were looking for a solution that would address the challenges in terms of availability, security, performance, scalability, and responsiveness.


The client was facing several challenges in managing their operations, including:

  • Difficulty in tracking the location and status of ambulances in real-time
  • Inefficient communication between dispatch and ambulance crews
  • Limited visibility into the performance and availability of the dispatch services
  • Lack of a centralized system for managing operations


We have created a web application to ease the process of dispatching ambulance trucks for a client who runs a fleet of ambulances. The admin team would see the availability of all the vehicles through the Kanban and Calendar views, and they would be able to add new assignments on any future day to a specific ambulance according to the customer’s need or transfer it to other ones if needed.

Crew fleets are also to be managed through the system, added/updated/deleted, and they can be assigned to any truck on any specific day. Assigning a crew to a van/truck gives them access to all that van/truck trips in their accompanying application from which they’ll be able to view their schedule and update the status of each trip on the go.

We also have a task section in which the client can add important tasks that should be completed on the same day or in the upcoming days. Alongside that, we have created a small crew updates section that gives admins a view of the recent progress in the trip, scheduled/In Progress/Completed which gives the admins an overview of the rides from the home page of the web application.

Every trip is tracked for live location updates and the system provides an overview of the whole trip starting from start to end. That includes the timestamp of each step of the delivery process, as well as the current location of the truck, the crew members …etc.

The calendar page displays the trips based on dates in the same page we have two view month and agenda views. The month view will display all the trips of that month in the dates box and the agenda view displays trips of the current date only with all the details of each trip from the pickup point, pickup time to the drop-off point, and drop-off time.

We are still working on new features to make it more reliable and multifunctional for our client so he can get the most out of the application. A recent update will have a shift planner page and we will keep you updated once that feature is live.

The app has eased the process of managing the fleet of vans/trucks and provided a clear overview of the business performance, status, and possible issues to be addressed fast without delays.


The custom web application we developed for the client has had a significant impact on the availability, security, performance, scalability, and responsiveness of their dispatch services. By integrating Firebase, the application now allows for real-time tracking of ambulance location and status, enabling the dispatch team to quickly and efficiently respond to emergencies.

The application was easy to use and provided real-time updates and notifications, allowing the client’s dispatch services to manage their operations more efficiently and effectively.

The client was extremely satisfied with the final product, and we received positive feedback on the application’s usability, security, and performance.


The custom web application we developed for our client has successfully addressed the challenges they were facing in managing their operations. The solution we provided improved the overall experience of the system, resulting in a more streamlined and effective service. The client can now track the location and status of ambulances in real-time, communicate more efficiently with ambulance crews, and have visibility into the performance and availability of the dispatch services all through one centralized system.

Tools & Technologies

  • React
  • Redux
  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • MongoDB
  • Socket.io
  • One Signal
  • JWT
  • Firebase
  • SendGrid
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