Insurance Certificates Reselling Platform

About: Insurance Certificates Reselling Platform

We created a web application for an insurance reseller who sells insurance plans for vehicle leasing companies. They needed a system to easily generate insurance certificates for their subscribed clients to ease the process of generating and retrieving the data.

We built them a public API where the leasing companies can connect their internal systems and invoke the generation of certificates automatically, after which each party of the transaction gets a PDF copy emailed to them and the certificate information is recorded in the database.

Also, we have built a dashboard to allow agents (resellers) to add their own clients and automatically provide them API credentials for access to start selling. Each agent would use the dashboard to customize the terms and conditions used by the certificate provider, would be able to specify attachments to add to each certificate generated, and also would be able to customize the logo and extra files relating to each leasing company he offers services to. All these customization options will reflect in the final generated certificate to provide a unique look for each certificate depending on the insurance company, agent, and leasing company involved in it.

The API also provides the ability to edit entries, re-generate and re-send certificates, and get and delete entries. The dashboard also provides the agent with the ability to encode some of the values in the certificates based on specific criteria so the car value for example does not print in the final PDF and instead is encoded with a specific code only understood by the leasing company alone based on the input value.

Tools & Technologies

  • React
  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • Airtable
  • Firebase
  • SendGrid
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