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Hotel La Serena, a luxury hotel based in Italy, approached our company with a need to create an online gifting system for their customers. The hotel, known for its beautiful views of the Mediterranean and its delicious breakfast buffet, wanted to allow users to purchase vouchers for stays at the hotel or access to their buffet breakfast as gifts for their loved ones. The hotel was looking for a way to streamline the gifting process and make it more convenient for customers, while also increasing revenue from gift voucher sales.


Our team was tasked with designing and developing an online gifting system that would meet the needs of Hotel La Serena. We decided to use Gravity Forms, a popular WordPress plugin, and Stripe, a payment gateway, to build the system. The combination of these two powerful tools allowed us to create a system that was both easy to use and secure.

Gravity Forms was used to create the forms that customers would fill out to purchase gifts. The forms were designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for customers to navigate and complete their purchases. We also made sure that the forms were fully responsive, ensuring that they worked seamlessly across all devices, including desktop, tablet, and mobile. This was important because customers would be able to purchase gifts from anywhere, at any time.

Stripe was integrated into the system to handle online payments. The integration was seamless and allowed for secure and reliable online payments. Stripe is a well-known payment gateway that is trusted by many businesses around the world, so we felt confident that it would provide the level of security that was needed for this project.

The gifting system we created allows customers to select from a variety of gift options, including vouchers for hotel stays and buffet breakfast. Once the purchase is complete, a pdf containing the voucher code will be sent to the email provided at the time of the form submission.


The online gifting system has been a great success for Hotel La Serena. Additionally, the integration of Gravity Forms and Stripe has resulted in secure and reliable online payments.

The hotel management has reported a significant increase in gift voucher sales since the launch of the online gifting system. This is because customers found the system to be much more convenient than the previous process of purchasing gifts, which involved contacting the hotel directly. With the new system, customers can purchase gifts from anywhere, at any time, and they know that the process is secure and reliable.

Customers have also given positive feedback on the system’s user-friendliness and convenience. Many have commented on how easy it was to navigate the forms and complete their purchase. They no longer have to manually process gift voucher orders, which has freed up time for them to focus on other tasks. The new system has also reduced the number of errors that can occur when manually processing orders.

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