Memories Printing Platform

About: Memories Printing Platform

We have created a web application for a hardware-based company. The physical product is an image printer given (rented) to users for private parties so they can convert their digital photos taken with their smartphones into physical pictures printed on the go. The hardware printer can also be rented to hotel chains to use to offer coupons for their guests (mostly tourists) so they can have their memories printed into pictures through the machine present in the lobby of the hotel.

Clients (User/Hotel Chain) will rent the device and have their user’s name created for them so they have access to a platform to add vouchers. On the creation of the user, each user will have their own branding (header/ terms of services agreement) created and added to their account to show to anyone using their vouchers.

A voucher has a maximum number of pictures, and different image specifications are allowed. When a voucher holder visits the upload center, they’ll be able to select pictures, number of copies, formats, coating, and printing special mode, then on submission, these pictures will automatically be processed and sent to the printer attached to the client account for automatic printing.

Tools & Technologies

  • React
  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • MongoDB
  • Firebase
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