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Multilingual Order Management Solution

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About: Multilingual Order Management Solution


This project was undertaken to address a specific challenge faced by our client—a language barrier among the majority Spanish-speaking field workers and the English-speaking admin and fulfillment staff during product ordering. By allowing field workers to place orders in their preferred language and enabling the admin to translate order details, the project successfully mitigated communication gaps. This improvement directly influenced the efficiency of production processes and contributed significantly to the overall growth of the business.

Using the latest technologies, we’ve carefully designed the frontend for the best performance and a visually appealing user interface. At the same time, the backend focuses on being scalable and efficient, with a strong emphasis on managing data effectively.

Application Details:

The app features an easy-to-use order placement interface, where orders are placed based on jobs assigned to employees, allowing them to switch effortlessly between English and Spanish modes. Organized into clear sections, employees can navigate and choose products within each category. The system ensures a seamless order flow by enabling the editing and filtration of order statuses in the Admin Module, based on their completion progress. This enhances the control and clarity of order management, complemented by email notifications to keep employees updated. Furthermore, the Admin Module is systematically divided into roles of Managers and Employees, each with their designated levels of access.

Tactical Implementations Involved:

Multilingual Support: The implementation of a seamless language switch between English and Spanish involved complexities in terms of content translation and maintaining consistency.

Complex Data Relationships: Managing the relationships between orders, jobs, and users in a MongoDB database posed difficulties especially when dealing with intricate data structures and ensuring efficient querying.

Admin Roles and Permissions: The implementation of distinct roles and permissions for managers and employees involved careful consideration of security measures, access control, and ensuring that each user type had the appropriate level of access

Solutions Proposed: Our team implemented strategic solutions tailored to the project’s details and our extensive software development background.

  • For Multilingual Support, a robust translation system using localization libraries was integrated, ensuring consistency.
  • Addressing Complex Data Relationships, MongoDB’s data structure was optimized for efficient querying and enhanced scalability.
  • Admin Roles were managed through a comprehensive access control system, leveraging industry-standard protocols.


In brief, our project successfully resolved the language barrier issue in our client’s workforce during product ordering. We demonstrated proficiency in implementing a seamless language switch, optimizing data relationships, and managing admin roles strategically. By crafting customized and inventive solution, we not only bridged communication gaps but also boosted production efficiency. This underscores our commitment to using cutting-edge technologies for effective and growth-focused software solutions.

Tools & Technologies

  • NextJS
  • Redux Toolkit
  • MaterialUI
  • JavaScript
  • Css
  • Html
  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • MongoDB
  • Firebase
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