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Revolutionizing Business Coaching: A Case Study of Constant Coach’s Multi-Step Form System

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About: Revolutionizing Business Coaching: A Case Study of Constant Coach’s Multi-Step Form System


This case study explores the successful implementation of a multi-step form system for Constant Coach, a prominent business coaching company based in Bristol. Utilizing Gravity Forms, PHP, and WordPress, our team developed a comprehensive solution that enables business owners to answer key questions related to various aspects of their business. The system intelligently generates a business health report in an Excel file based on the provided answers, which is then delivered to the site administrator. This case study details the challenges faced, the implemented solution, and the resulting benefits for Constant Coach.

  • Constant Coach, led by Joe Constant, is a distinguished business coach known for providing exceptional guidance and expertise to entrepreneurs in Bristol. To enhance their coaching process and provide clients with valuable insights, Constant Coach approached our team to develop a customized system. The goal was to create a user-friendly form that would allow business owners to assess their company’s health and generate a comprehensive report based on their responses.


Before implementing the multi-step form system, Constant Coach encountered several challenges that hindered their coaching process and limited the accuracy of their assessments.

Constant Coach relied on a time-consuming manual assessment process, making it difficult to provide timely and accurate client feedback. The absence of a structured approach meant that business owners had limited guidance while answering crucial questions about their business health. Generating comprehensive reports based on individual responses was a cumbersome task, prone to errors and inconsistencies.


To address the challenges faced by Constant Coach, our team proposed and implemented a multi-step form system using Gravity Forms, PHP, and WordPress. The system’s key features include:

A well-designed questionnaire was created, covering various dimensions critical to business success. These dimensions include Innovation, Product/Service Diversification, Strategic Partnerships, Leadership and Management, Marketing and Branding, Talent Development, Streamlining Processes, Long-Term Planning, and Financial Management.

The form was designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, enabling business owners to easily navigate through the questionnaire and provide accurate responses. The form was divided into multiple steps to enhance user experience and ensure a systematic approach to answering the questions.

Once the form was submitted, an automated process was triggered to generate a business health report in an Excel file. The report incorporated all the provided answers and provided detailed insights into the company’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. The generated report was emailed to the site administrator, ensuring seamless access to the comprehensive assessment results.


Close collaboration with Constant Coach’s owner enabled us to understand their unique needs and identify the dimensions to assess and define the desired report format. Leveraging Gravity Forms, PHP, and WordPress, our development team meticulously built the multi-step form system.

The system’s functionality was extensively tested to ensure its effectiveness and reliability. group of business owners associated with Constant Coach were invited to test the system and provide valuable feedback. Their input helped fine-tune the user experience and identify any remaining issues. Once the system was deemed ready for production, it was deployed on Constant Coach’s WordPress website. The site administrators were provided with comprehensive training on how to manage and interpret the generated reports effectively.

Results and Benefits:

The automated system eliminated the need for manual assessments, significantly reducing time and effort for both Constant Coach and their clients. The user-friendly interface and structured questionnaire improved the overall client experience, providing valuable guidance and insights throughout the assessment process.

The detailed reports generated after form submission enabled Constant Coach to provide more accurate and data-driven recommendations to their clients. This enhanced the quality and relevance of the coaching sessions, fostering business growth and success. The automated report delivery mechanism ensured that the site administrator promptly received the assessment results, enhancing collaboration and enabling proactive support to clients.


The successful implementation of the multi-step form system for Constant Coach revolutionized their business coaching process. By leveraging Gravity Forms, PHP, and WordPress, our team developed a robust and efficient solution that streamlined the assessment process, improved client experience, and delivered comprehensive business health reports. Constant Coach can now provide their clients with data-driven insights and actionable recommendations, empowering them to make informed decisions and drive their businesses toward success.

As Constant Coach continues to utilize this innovative system, their reputation as a trusted and effective business coaching provider is further solidified, helping entrepreneurs in Bristol and beyond achieve their goals and realize their full potential.



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