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Martijn de Kruif Roadtrip2GO
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Desol Int. developed a transformative project, Roadtrip2Go, a software solution that redefines the way individuals organize and experience their vacations. Roadtrip2Go is a front-end-centric platform designed to seamlessly guide users through the entire process of planning and booking a memorable holiday.

It tackles the complexities of integrating real-time travel information, utilizing advanced technologies like Next.js and JavaScript, and optimizing front-end user design. Additionally, it enhances the user experience through an intelligent chatbot offering real-time assistance and personalized trip recommendations.


The “Roadtrip Products” module allows users to input the number of persons and their preferred trip date, presenting a comprehensive list of available options for that specific date. Each option details the provided facilities and associated costs for different tour durations, streamlining the selection process for a personalized and convenient user experience.

The “Inspiration” module offers a curated collection of blogs featuring diverse touring destinations. Users can explore captivating images and brief descriptions, providing inspiration and valuable insights for planning their trips, and enhancing the overall travel experience.

Challenges Faced:

Key hurdles included implementing cutting-edge technologies like Next.js and JavaScript, demanding profound technical expertise, and staying attuned to emerging web development trends.

Ensuring an optimal user experience on the frontend added complexity, with the need to balance a pleasing interface, usability, and accessibility for a seamless planning and booking journey.

The introduction of chatbot functionality posed challenges in crafting an intelligent and responsive system, relying on sophisticated natural language processing and ongoing refinement through user interactions.

Collaborative Development and Innovative Solutions:

Adopting an agile development methodology provided flexibility in addressing emerging challenges. This iterative process not only ensured successful problem resolution but also contributed to the continuous improvement of Roadtrip2Go. To enhance technology implementation and user experience, we strategically incorporated sliders for images based on the Figma design. This visually engaging solution not only improved aesthetics but also created a dynamic and interactive interface, allowing seamless navigation through captivating visuals. Coupled with an emphasis on easy page navigation, this solution successfully addressed technological complexities, resulting in an elevated overall quality of Roadtrip2Go.


In summary, Roadtrip2Go is a triumph in the realm of travel and holiday planning, placing user satisfaction at the forefront of its development. Infused with advanced technologies and a design centered on user experience, the platform efficiently addressed challenges in technology implementation, frontend design, and the integration of an intelligent chatbot. The solutions devised not only overcame obstacles but elevated the platform’s user-friendliness.

Tools & Technologies

  • Node JS
  • React JS
  • Next JS
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Redux
  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • CSS
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