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Transforming Flooring Decisions with the Sustainable Surfaces Evaluator

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Jelle Van Der Valk
About: Transforming Flooring Decisions with the Sustainable Surfaces Evaluator


Introducing our latest innovation: the Sustainable Surfaces Evaluator, a state-of-the-art tool designed to transform how we approach flooring projects. By utilizing EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) data, this advanced tool empowers users to make environmentally responsible decisions when choosing flooring materials.

This robust Evaluator enables users to effortlessly select and evaluate various flooring options, whether based on personal preference or from a carefully assembled list stored in our comprehensive database. Through a thorough evaluation process, the Evaluator determines if the chosen flooring type is good for the environment. It examines for the presence of bio-based content and evaluates negative CO2 impact, making sure that being eco-friendly is a really important part of every flooring project.

We made sure it works well on both computers and phones for exceptional user experience across a range of devices. We use computer languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP for how things look and work. We also use a strong system called MySQL to keep track of all the information. Following the calculations, users have the option to either send the results via email or save them for future reference.


  • The primary challenge was to seamlessly integrate the EPD data into the application and create a robust database that could efficiently handle user inputs and queries.
  • With the potential for a large dataset, optimizing database queries to ensure quick and efficient retrieval of information was imperative.
  • As user adoption increased, the database needed to scale seamlessly to accommodate a growing volume of user-generated content and assessment records.
  • Ensuring that the evaluator was both web and mobile responsive presented its own set of challenges, requiring careful consideration of design and functionality across various screen sizes and devices.


The development team executed a comprehensive strategy to address these challenges. The frontend was crafted using a triad of technologies—HTML for structuring, CSS for styling, and JavaScript for interactivity. PHP was leveraged on the server-side to process user inputs, interface with the database, and conduct intricate calculations based on EPD data. The MySQL database management system was chosen for its efficiency and reliability in handling large volumes of flooring data.

For an impeccable user experience, a responsive design approach was adopted, employing fluid grids and media queries to ensure seamless performance on both web browsers and mobile devices.

For better performance, optimized the codebase and assets to improve the loading speed and responsiveness of the application, especially on slower networks or devices.

Extensive client-side and server-side validation mechanisms were implemented to enhance data integrity and user interaction.

To facilitate result dissemination, an integrated email functionality was adopted. This feature empowers users to effortlessly share assessment results via email or download them directly from the platform.


The Sustainable Surfaces Evaluator has exceeded expectations and garnered positive feedback from users. The seamless integration of EPD data and the user-friendly interface have made the process of evaluating flooring options much more efficient and insightful. The responsive design ensures that users can access the tool from a wide range of devices, enhancing its accessibility and usability.

In addition, the database management system has proven to be robust and reliable, handling large volumes of user data with ease. This, combined with the email functionality, further enhances the overall user experience.

Overall, the Sustainable Surfaces Evaluator has positioned our client at the forefront of sustainable flooring solutions, providing a valuable resource for environmentally-conscious individuals and businesses alike.

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