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File Upload Field for Formidable Forms (lite)

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Desol Int. announces the launch of “File Upload Field for Formidable Forms (lite)” – A Must-Have Plugin
for Formidable Forms Users.

(WordPress, January 24th, 2023) – We are excited to announce the release of our latest plugin, “File
Upload Field for Formidable Forms (lite)”. This plugin allows you to add a custom upload field in your
forms with the free version of Formidable Forms.

The upload field feature is only available in the pro version of Formidable Forms and can be quite
expensive for some users. With our new plugin, users no longer have to worry about purchasing the pro
version as they will get the upload field feature for free after installing our plugin.

This plugin is easy to use and can be installed with just a few clicks. Once installed, users can add the
upload field to their forms and can set the file types and upload file size from the formidable forms menu
and it will allow their visitors to upload files directly from the form. This feature is especially useful for
businesses that require customers to upload documents, images, or other types of files.

The “File Upload Field for Formidable Forms (lite)” plugin is now available on the plugin
directory and can be downloaded for free.
We are confident that this plugin will be a valuable addition to your website and we look forward to seeing
how our users will use it to enhance their forms.
For more information, please visit the plugin page on the plugin directory or contact us
at [email protected].

About Desol Int.: A place where we grow business for our clients; by following creative ideas, perusing
high-end development skills, and offering solutions that create value and reliability to develop competitive advantages for clients all over the global market!

Note: The plugin is only for a WordPress site that uses Formidable Forms

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