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Simplify Your Operations with Our Leading-Edge Technology Solutions


Fleet management shouldn’t be complicated. It should be Automated.

Manage your fleet with ease using our comprehensive web application, equipped with real-time tracking, monitoring, and maintenance scheduling to optimize your operations.

The Top Benefits of Fleet Management Software

Improve Efficiency

Fleet management software can help you optimize your fleet’s operations, reduce downtime, and improve overall efficiency.

Real-time Tracking

Real-time tracking features allow you to monitor your fleet’s location and status at any time, which helps to reduce response times and improve customer service.

Better Communication

Communication between fleet managers, drivers, and customers can be improved with the use of fleet management software, which leads to better coordination and fewer errors.

Let Us Show You How Satisfied Anthony is with Our Services.

Desol Int. has a proven track record of assisting companies just like yours. With our expertise, we have helped Anthony and other logistics businesses to optimize their operations.

Are you ready to join the ranks of satisfied clients who have streamlined their logistics businesses with Desol Int.?

Why Choose Us?

Effortlessly Manage Your Fleet with Our Custom Fleet Management Software Solutions


Our experienced team develops customized fleet management applications that meet the specific needs of clients in the industry.

User-oriented Solutions

Our software solutions are designed to meet the individual needs of each client, enabling them to utilize the software more efficiently and effectively.

On-time Delivery

Timely delivery is important, so we track progress and act quickly to ensure on-time delivery of solutions through a clear project management process.

CI and CD

We use CI/CD in our development process to deliver regular updates, enabling a streamlined and efficient development process with faster delivery of new features.

Feedback-based Approach

We seek and use client feedback during development to ensure our software solutions meet their needs and make necessary improvements.

Comprehensive Support

We provide clients with comprehensive support after delivery, including installation, configuration, and training, to ensure they get the full benefits of our software solutions.

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