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Jotform Interview


Desol Int. is an agency focused on providing business process automation, application development, web development and integrations. Jotform, a popular online form builder, is one of their key partners. Recently, channel marketing manager Erman Ergün conducted the interview of our CEO Sarah Ahmad, founder of Desol Int. In this interview, CEO Sarah Ahmad, founder of Desol Int., discussed about how she built her successful business, how her organization measures partnership value, and how Jotform helps Desol Int. achieve its goals. You can read the full interview on the Jotform blog here:

Founder of Desol International

Sarah founded Desol International in 2016, offering web development services. As she started creating lead-generation forms for her clients, she came across Jotform and started using it as a service. Now, she runs an agency with full-time team members, they help her in providing no-code solutions and implement web applications, forms, and other solutions. Our mission is to help companies scale their businesses through automation. We work with small to medium-sized enterprises, building everything from no-code to low-code and fully automated web applications and everything in between.

Desol Int. partners with many low-code and no-code solutions. Jotform is one of them, alongside integrations with Zapier and They partner with those that align with their mission and continually evolve and support webhooks and integrations. They choose their partners based on our client’s requirements and which platforms are most useful and supportive of those needs.

For Desol Int., an ideal partner relationship is one where they measure partnership value by analyzing their clients’ requirements and choosing a partner that has a big impact, currently and in the future. While they do consider marketing and commissions, it is a secondary thing. Their focus is on choosing a partner that offers high-quality products and continually improves.

JotForm helps us by providing a secure product. When our clients come to us, they ask for web applications or websites. Desol Int. prefers Jotform because it has a lot of security measures like password-protected forms and a secure and encrypted database. Jotform helps Desol Int. increase their sales by providing tools and integrations to give a full-fledged experience for their clients.


In conclusion, Desol Int. and Jotform are strong partners that work together to provide no-code solutions and implement web applications, forms, and other solutions for their clients. Desol Int.’s focus on helping companies scale their businesses through automation, combined with JotForm’s secure and evolving product, makes for a strong partnership.

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