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Customize Gravity Forms PDF Templates

By using gravity forms PDF, you can automatically generate a PDF for customers in just a few seconds and complete it with a digital signature, password-protected PDF to prevent unauthorized users, and email a PDF version of gravity forms submissions. The best part is that choosing gravity pdf to customize gravity forms pdf templates will save you significant time and manual labor. You also don’t have to deal with complicated PHP, HTML, or CSS code. 
There are a few essential factors to consider when selecting a Gravity Forms PDF solution for your company. These include your required features, the number of people using the tool, and your budget. Gravity Forms Fillable PDF. You can convert an existing PDF document into a Gravity PDF. 
After form submission, a PDF can be automatically generated from your chosen template and emailed to both the admin and end-user of the form submission or, if used in conjunction with one of the Gravity Forms payment Add-Ons, after payment has been completed. Custom templates can be created for you by our team. 
Whether you want to auto-fill existing PDF documents or generate highly dynamic PDFs (or a combination), the Desol int. gravity forms developers team will design a solution to meet your business’s PDF document requirements.

 Gravity PDF templates 

Users can also import existing fillable PDF documents and convert them into forms using Fillable PDFs. you can do this automatically by using the import PDF feature, which detects and corrects the fields in a PDF into a new record.
Gravity PDF provides several advanced premium add-ons to extend the core plugin further. It supports most languages, including Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, and Japanese, allowing you to send PDFs in your preferred language. Gravity PDF also includes free developer support and extensive documentation.When a user submits, downloadable PDFs are automatically generated and sent. This feature-rich add-on allows you to insert digital signatures and other images directly from your forms into PDFs, protect PDFs with passwords to prevent unauthorized users from accessing them, convert PDFs into forms, and much more.

Create Gravity PDF custom template:

Gravity PDF is mainly for business owners who want to create and customize gravity forms PDF templates. It also supports image embedding to include digital signatures and other images from your documents in your fillable PDF ideal for making contracts.
If you are looking for customized PDF template, you have come to the right place. Our group of experts can help you with customized PDF templates. You can contact us about your custom Gravity Forms PDF template requirements.

customize gravity forms pdf templates

Gravity Forms Fillable PDF:

Setting up Fillable PDFs is simple: map the fields from your form to the PDF using the visual template mapper, and the add-on will auto-fill the corresponding entries. Allowing PDFs to be generated as part of an automated workflow created. You could, for example, include your PDFs in a workflow that requires a PayPal or Stripe payment. Users can also import existing fillable PDF documents and recycle them into forms using Fillable PDFs. You can do this automatically by using the import PDF feature, which detects and corrects the fields in a PDF into a new record.

customize gravity forms pdf templates

Need to Know About Gravity PDF

With our high-end, user-friendly forms, Gravity Forms makes gathering information from your audience quick and easy. After you’ve gathered the data, the question becomes, “How can you convert that information into a format that will add more value to your business?” This is where Gravity PDF comes into play.
Numerous options are available, but we’ve prioritized the most common settings. The rest are hidden and divided into four sections:

General: Default options include a label, filename, PDF template, and notification attachments.
Control the font type, size, and color, as well as the paper size and orientation.
Template-specific settings: different templates may have additional options.
Advanced settings include document format and security options.
An Add/Update button is included below each section to help you manage your PDF settings, and you can collapse/hide areas by selecting the section title or associated toggle.
Downloadable PDF: Each entry’s quick toolbar includes a View or Download PDF link. To access the quick toolbar, hover or focus on the first cell of an entry row. The global Entry View setting will determine the PDF’s action (view or download).
Build advanced PDF workflow with conditional logic: Fillable PDFs are fully compatible with the powerful conditional logic built into Gravity Forms. Use this detailed logic to generate only PDFs that match a specific set of rules. 
Password and permissions: An Owner Password must be provided to utilize a user password and set custom file permissions via the File Permissions dropdown.

How to Save Gravity Forms as PDF (Fillable PDF Templates)?

First, map the fields in your form to the fillable fields in your PDF template. 
Click the Map Fields button to do so

customize gravity forms pdf templates

This will bring up a popup with a live preview of your PDF form. To map fields, click on the PDF field to which you want to map a form field. This will open the sidebar’s settings.

customize gravity forms pdf templates
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