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Gravity Forms Integrations

gravity forms integrations | worflow automations

 Gravity Forms Integrations

Suppose you start an online business in the digital world. In that case, web integration is your need to send and receive information about your users interested in your products and services. With the form, you can easily collect and send data to others with gravity forms integrations; integration in forms means you can combine your documents with other applications, for example: For the payment process. You can use the PayPal payment gateway, and for email marketing, you can choose a CRM application or connect them to gravity forms in your WordPress website. Gravity forms provide all of these features in the form of add-ons.

Lead Generation with Gravity Forms integrations

Gravity form is the best for lead generation due to gravity forms integrations and workflow automtion processes  and it provides all the add-ons that can help manage leads, track communications, create contacts, automate and grow your business through your form submissions. It deals with thousands of apps and integrations through your forms. Gravity forms integrations help you to turn your visitors into leads with perfection and enhance your data collection with A/B testing, Partial Submissions, and form drop-off analytics. The more leads you generate, the more offers you can close. You must send the appropriate message at the proper time to convert leads into customers. You can use automation to ensure that leads receive personalized outreach right away. Furthermore, you can automatically add them to the appropriate tool, allowing you to continue sending the relevant messages.

Gravity Forms Integrations

Gravity forms CRM integrations

CRM is the all-in-one platform that enhances your business growth. The combined effect of having all your data and growth activity in one place can unlock a wide range of creative automation possibilities that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with separate tools. In eCommerce, Customer data collection and management can also help compose product search campaigns based on product views. There are numerous marketing automation software options available. It all comes down to selecting the best one for your company’s needs, expenses, and technical expertise.

Gravity forms third-party integration

Third-party integrations are essential in web-based technology, for example. The online payment party acts as a neutral agent by collecting the documents and funds the buyer and seller exchange when the transaction is completed. Desol int gravity forms developers configures third-party integration and styles Gravity Forms with the WordPress website. You can easily create registration forms, subscription forms, application forms, and payment forms without any programming knowledge.

Gravity Forms crm integration

Best Gravity Forms CRM Integrations

  • Hubspot
  • pipedrive
  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber


CRM software brings together everything that growing businesses need to deliver a world-class customer experience in one place. Our handcrafted, not managed-to-cobble solution helps teams grow by providing tools that are powerful on their own but even more so when combined. Customers come first with HubSpot, flexibility is simple, and groups genuinely unite by a connected CRM. HubSpot provides a better solution that is crafted rather than cobbled together. We built our entire platform here to provide our customers with cooperative, customizable, connected, and simple software. Your teammates can form more relationships with customers throughout their journey with a single source of truth. When the user is at the center of every business decision, achieving company-wide alignment becomes much more accessible.

Benefits of Gravity Forms Hubspot:

Automatically Create and Update Contact Details: When a visitor fills out a form on your website, a contact record in your HubSpot CRM is created or updated with the most recent information. Control the Data: The HubSpot Add-On allows you to control the form entry data you send to HubSpot and what happens to it once it reaches the CRM. You can choose which contact data to collect, assign new contacts to a HubSpot user, and even use conditional logic to send form entries only if specific criteria are met during form submission. It ensures that your HubSpot dashboard contains accurate information about the appropriate people.

Create and Update Contact Details Automatically: When a visitor fills out a form on your website, a contact record in your HubSpot CRM is created or updated with the most up-to-date information. The HubSpot Add-On gives you complete control over the form entry data you send to HubSpot and what happens to it once it reaches the CRM. You can pick and choose which contact information to gather, assign new contacts to a specific HubSpot user, and even use conditional logic to send form entries only if particular conditions are satisfied at the time of form submission. The Hubspot forms ensure that the appropriate people have accurate information in your HubSpot dashboard.

Gravity Forms crm integration


Pipedrive is a provider of cloud-based software as a service. It is the creator of the Pipedrive web application and mobile app, a sales customer relationship management tool. This CRM is easy-to-use software. One of the most important but easily overlooked factors is whether the device will scale your business. it allows you to accomplish more in less time. Pipedrive’s user interface is simple, with all menu items on the left, a search box at the top, and an expandable menu on each page for quickly adding deals, activities, leads, and so on. Your mailbox is one of the menu options. You can email directly from the inbox or contact record once your email provider is connected, as well as track opens and email history. You can also sync your Outlook or Google Calendar, manage your meeting availability, and create a link to send to contacts from within the app. Smart Contact Data is another helpful feature that pulls known social and works data for communications with a single click.

Benefits of Gravity Forms Pipedrive:

Enter data from Gravity Forms into Pipedrive CRM with complete control over what is sent and when. Connect account: Connect the Pipedrive CRM account to Gravity Forms by simply entering the Pipedrive API key. Fields Mapping: you can easily map gravity forms entry list with Pipedrive list fields. Assign contact and organization: you can make a feed for communication and organization and assign it to Pipedrive contacts and deals. It analyzes data in your CRM account and other sales and marketing apps to create a custom lead scoring model that allows you to identify your most engaged leads at the proper time.


Mailchimp is an email marketing automation platform and email marketing services. Mailchimp is a robust marketing platform that allows you to manage and communicate with your clients, customers, and other interested parties. Its marketing strategy focuses on effective contact management, beautifully designed campaigns, and robust data analysis. Mailchimp is helping you in becoming an expert marketer. It provides a free plan where it gives some of its features that deal with beginners who want to build an audience and create campaigns while experimenting with Mailchimp’s tools and features. It covers all of the fundamentals required to begin marketing. The Free plan allows up to 500 contacts and 2,500 monthly sends, with a daily send limit of 500.

Benefits of Gravity forms Mailchimp:

Mailchimp flawless integrations: With our Mailchimp Add-On, you can seamlessly integrate your forms. Connect your Mailchimp, and Gravity Forms accounts to send leads to your marketing lists. Mailchimp provides all the tools you need to quickly engage your leaders and convert them into life-long users once you’ve connected. Mailing List Segmentation: Send personalized emails and campaigns to people based on their behavior, how they interacted with your form and website, and other unique insights. Custom fields:  Mailchimp Add-On allows you to capture any area in your document and use it as a custom field in Mailchimp. Gather the necessary information, then send targeted email campaigns to specific individuals. Mailchimp. Conditional logic implementation: Do you want to subscribe a user only if they check a box or select another option? Gravity Forms allows you to set specific conditions for sending form data to Mailchimp using conditional logic, giving you more control over your subscriptions than ever before.


AWeber’s email marketing tools are powerful and straightforward, allowing businesses to email marketing campaigns. AWeber’s integrated email marketing tracking will enable you to fully manage your email marketing campaigns, from email newsletters to scheduled autoresponders. Gravity Forms integrates seamlessly with AWeber, allowing you to collect the leads and mailing list subscribers on which your business depends. After the form customization, install the Aweber add-on, and connection of Aweber account email subscribers are automatically added to your AWeber mailing list when a form is submitted.

Benefits of Gravity Forms AWeber:

AWeber can create mailing lists with essential information such as the attributes and behaviors of prospects and customers, the ability to compose personalized email contents and messages from templates, access email marketing automation capabilities such as autoresponders and automated follow-up emails, and receive support from a team of email marketing experts. Customer Engagement:  AWeber enables users to come up with ordinary lists of contacts or recipients and enrich lists with all the essential information they need to engage with people more personalized manner. Personal email content: AWeber helps users introduce email marketing campaigns as early as possible. They can use the platform to create email content and messages ahead of time, eliminating the need to compose emails manually before launching and running email marketing campaigns. Email marketing campaigns: The automation capabilities of AWeber transform email marketing campaigns. Users can use the email marketing automation platform to automatically respond to emails from prospects and customers. This feature comes in handy when sending welcome or thanks you messages, confirmation emails, or important reminders and notifications.

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